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Might Morphin Power Rangers Morphers

Below is a bit more information on the toy used to create these.

This was one of the most saught after toys when I was a kid.  It's even more popular today among Power Ranger enthusiasts.  They go for upwards of 200 bucks on eBay, so if you have one from when you were a kid, hang on to it.

The show we got here in the States, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, was made by splicing footage from the Japanese show Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger with footage of American actors.  The Japanese definitely got the better toys out of the deal.  The toys are nearly identical to the morphers they used in the show.  They had the regular silver "Dino Buckler" which the main five Rangers used, as well as the gold one used by the Green Ranger.  These toys also included the 'holsters' for the morpher to be hooked onto a belt.  The coins were also a darker gold color than the ones the American toy had. 

The version we got here had the decals applied upside down, had minor sound differences, and did not include a holster.  Ours was packaged with an inaccurate "Blade Blaster" as well.  The barrel of ours was black, while the Japanese one was white.  Wwe never got a gold morpher or dragon coin either.  So, most people download screen accurate decals for their US morphers, and sometimes even spraypaint the morpher plates gold.  There are also many fan made dragon coins available on eBay.  This is a very cool, and very rare toy to have.  So take care of it if you have one.