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People always ask which supplies are the best to use when working on this stuff, so I will tell you what I have personally used.

I have used Smoothcast 300 resin.  It has an easy 1:1 mixing ratio, cures pretty fast, and comes out in a nice clean white color.  It sands nicely, and is just an overall good product.

I have also used Oomoo 30 molding silicon.  So far I have noticed that it is very easy to mix, very easy to pour, and sets within a reasonable time though I usually let all silicon and resin sit 24 hours.  I have noticed though that small pieces have come off after pouring a fresh piece.  It tends to stick in small crevices, moreso than I have noticed with other products.

I have used their quickset molding silicon and it does very well with small props.  It's harder to mix though, it is a 10:1 mixing ratio.

Their Fixit Sculpt is fantastic, and I use it instead of autobody filler any chance I get.  It has a clay like consistency which is great for small repairs or larger detail work.  It has about a four hour working time as well.