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Early Season Power Morpher

In the early American footage used on the show, the morphers the rangers carried -did not- have the black bolts on the morpher plates.  You can see this in many scenes, as well as the morphing sequence.  You may also notice that during their morphing sequence, the morpher they are framed in -does- have the black bolts.  Eventually this was changed and the black bolt decals were applied, however, if memory serves me correctly, this happened after the White Ranger came. 

This is a great beginner prop to work on.  It's just a matter of printing the decals on sticker paper at the appropriate size, cutting them out with a razor, and sticking them on.  You can then add which ever coin you like, and boom, a completed prop. 

There is a site called that sells screen accurate stickers for either a MMPR style Morpher, or a Zyuranger style Morpher.  Or, you can go to and find some to print out yourself there.  It's probably the best place to go to learn about Power Rangers related props.  Mine has self printed stickers and I think it looks great.