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Adam's Busted Morpher

This morpher comes from an episode of Power Rangers In Space where Adam, the former black ranger, uses his broken morpher to transform.  I can't stress enough the importance of NOT RUINING YOUR MORPHER TO MAKE THIS PROP.  If you want a morpher that opens and closes with the broken plates, make a mold of your plates and make copies, and then put the 'cuts' in the copies. 

What I have done is create a solid replica of the morpher.  There are no moving parts, no lights and sounds, simply a 'Stunt' morpher.  I carefully disassembled the morpher and made molds of each chunk.  There are four parts total.  The back, the two plates, and the coin.  I then used a dremmel tool to scuff and scratch it up.  Then I did a 'weathered' paintjob and glued everything together.  I'm very pleased with the result, and I have made a handful of these using this technique.